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Flexible revenue share model, suitable for every single Partner.

Ninety9 Apps on Shopify

Flexible %

Each charged referral of yours, you receive a percent!


Stable Apps

We have established our name quite well in the Shopify community!


Code Usage & Earnings

Advanced monitoring system to track every bits of your referrals!


Your Audience Benefits

Your audience benefits from a 21 day free trial on paid plans instead of 14!

Ninety9 Apps on Shopify

How & What for Partners.

1.   After you get approved for our affiliate program, you will be able to create a partners profile.

2.   From your partners profile you can create your promo code which you will be able to provide to your audience.

3.   You can monitor your code usage, installs, uninstalls and revenue generated thru it so you get paid based on it.

4.   Install, uninstall and referral code usage is accurate, API calls are made to our database to update the information / statuses!

5.   In depth payments monitoring so you can easily check your monthly generated revenue with ease.

6.   Each month between 10th - 15th payments are released via Paypal, all transaction fees are handled by Ninety9!

7.   Each client of yours benefits 21 days free trial period worth of paid plans instead of the default 14 days!

8.   All Ninety9 Partners are obligated to read carefully and agree to :

 Ninety9's Partner Rules.
  • I will NOT make deceptive or misleading claims, guarantee earnings, or promise a prospective merchant success. I will NOT use the following phrases or phrases similar to the following: “Take my course and earn seven figures with Ninety9's Apps” or “Launch your store and earn money overnight”.

  • I will NOT use promotional means that contain objectionable content, including but not limited to content that is misleading, libelous, defamatory, obscene, violent, bigoted, hate-oriented, illegal, and/or promoting illegal goods, services or activities.

  • I will be honest, ethical, and transparent when I talk about Ninety9's Apps. As a Ninety9 Affiliate, I will follow the Federal Trade Commission Disclosure Guidelines (or equivalent disclosure guidelines for your region) and make it clear that I am promoting Ninety9's Apps as an affiliate.

  • I will NOT buy trademarks or domain names that mention or use “Ninety9 Shopify Apps” or other Ninety9 logos and I will NOT engage in any fraudulent, spam or low quality marketing activities such as spam in groups, use or encourage any means of delivering fraudulent traffic, including but not limited to use of bots or toolbar traffic, cookie stuffing, or use of false or misleading links.
 Ninety9's Revenue Share Model.
Ninety9 shares revenue based on charges, made strictly via your affiliate promo code created in the partners profile that you provide to your audience.

After a referral of yours is charged, this will immediately reflect on your partners dashboard, you will get a percent based on the net charge.

All Ninety9 partners get paid between 10th - 15th each month via Paypal in USD and all transaction fees are covered by Ninety9.

All Ninety9 Apps have a clear button & input field to activate a charge using your refferal code.
The Button  |  The Input Field  |  Accepted Code

Example / Clarification :

When someone from your followers / audience activates a charge using your code, he benefits from 21 days free trial.

Until this moment he is not charged, after he passes the 21 days free trial he will be charged and this will reflect on your partners dashboard instantly.

If Ninety9 has not made a charge on your client, you will not receive any payment.

Ninety9 reserves the right to change the revenue share percentage/s & rules with a 1 month in advance email notification to all of its Partners!

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